A Part of Threads and Patches

Elaine having tea at the Ritz last year.

On Friday 5th June Elaine Brough a valued staff member and a friend died in Willen Hospice. Threads and Patches is not just a business, it is a family and a community and we all feel her loss keenly. Elaine has worked at Threads and Patches for several years, and was really part of the furniture! Her fun and positive personality made her a firm favourite with the customers and the positive way she managed her cancer therapy was an inspiration to all who met her.

On a personal note, she was the most supportive and loyal friend and employee to me and I shall miss her terribly. Elaine’s husband Michael often helped out at the shop, together they were a fantastic team, and I have never met a more selfless couple, just willing to take time to help anyone. I am not waxing lyrical here because Elaine has died, I could have written those words within a few months of meeting them both. Elaine lit up a room with her bubbly fun personality, she was never happier than when she was busy. I must also mention her needlecraft skills, her embroidery was some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, just immaculate.
We will miss her, and there will always be a small part of Threads and Patches that is Elaine.

Sally’s Favorite New Book – Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt

We have so many new things going on at Threads and Patches, new products arrive weekly, new fabrics fill our shelves and we are always striving to provide new and interesting workshops and classes in patchwork, quilting, dressmaking and needle craft. Below is a selection of a few new things we have on offer

This is my favorite new book, with a wonderful selection of sampler blocks and projects. It is great value for money as you are bound to get many projects out of the beautiful selection here.
Just look at some of the lovely ideas
If you want to see more click on the link

Feathered Star Medallion Quilt – Part 1

This is the centre of my Mystery Medallion Quilt

Download the Foundation Pattern Here

Here is the numbering layout

The sections are constructed individually and then put together in the following order

When all pieces are together join in the following order

  1. Join F to G section                                                    1a. Join L to K
  2. Join F/G to H Section                                                2a. Join l/K to M
  3. Join F/G/H to B Section   (set aside)                      3a. Join L/K/M to J

4.Join D to E                                                                   4a. Join L/K/M/J to N

  1. Join D/E to F/G/H/B                                                 5a.Join L/K/M/J/N to I
  2. Join C to D/E/F/G/H/B – Top Row Done!           6a Bottom Row Done!
  3. Join P to O From the straight edge – stitch down to seam between O2 and O1 leave remainder of seam open.
  4. Join PO to Q stitching from straight edge – stitch down to seam between Q6 and Q7
  5. Join R to P/O/Q
  6. Join T to S From the straight edge – stitch down to seam between S2 and S1 leave remainder of seam open.
  7. Join  U to T/S From the straight edge – stitch down to seam between U2 and U1 leave remainder of seam open

12 Join V to T/S/U

13 Join T/S/U/V to A – Middle Row done!

Joining rows

Initially move the side setting triangle pieces P and T away from stitching and stitch the 2 long seams . It should be possible to move them away prodided to stopped stitching early on previous seams (7, 8, 9 & 10)

Go back and complete these inset seams – O/B to P, Q/J to P, U/I to T,C/S to T

Press well and remove papers.

Part 2 coming soon

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