Easter Bunny – Patchwork Bunny Panel

I had a lot of fun making this bunny panel


I used Quilters fusible grid, to make sure my squares were accurate.


I cut scraps into 2″ squares and placed them, right side up, on the fusible side of the grid, lining up the squares.

TIP – I usually do this on the ironing board, I place a piece of white paper or fabric underneath – this makes the grid easier to see.

I fused the squares in place (I used 42 squares (6 x 7) with a medium iron, pressing gently.

TIP – cut the grid to exactly the size you plan to cover with fabric – this reduces the risk of getting the iron stuck to the fusible grid

I folded the fused squares on to each other, one row at a time and stitched a 1/4″ seam down all the verticals.

Then I snipped those stitches seams with fine scissors between the squares , this allowed me to push the seam allowances in different directions so that they ‘nested’

I then sewed the horizontal seams with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

You can download the pattern of the bunny here Bunny_Outline


I traced the bunny design onto the smooth side of fusible Vilene  I placed this onto the right side of my patchwork and stitched with a small stitch all the way around the bunny. I then trimmed back to this seam leaving a small allowance (1/4″). I snipped the curves and the indents.

The next bit is scary! I cut into the Vilene in the centre and very carefully turned the bunny out, so its raw edges were folded under by the vilene. Be careful to ease out the seams and snip into the seam allowance at any area you feel is ‘pulling’ Be careful not to cut through the outer stitching. If you do, turn the bunny back and re sew the seam.

Once done position your bunny onto a background piece of fabric – mine was 12 1/2″ square. You can then iron the Bunny in place, as the fusible of the Vilene is now underneath

Stitch the Bunny to the background by hand or machine.  By hand you can use a small slip stitch or an invisible ladder stitch, By machine you could use a zig zag, a satin stitch, a blanket stitch or I used a blind hemming stitch and invisible thread.

I added a border to my block of squares .

I am now ready to quilt it and turn it into a Wall Hanging or Cushion front. You could embroider flowers, Easter eggs or carrots around your Spring Friend!


Have fun and email me pics of your bunnies!





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