Blue and Cream Block Idea 2



12″ Hour Glass Block

A 1/4″ Seam is used throughout

From Cream

Cut  1 Square 6 7/8″ – cut in half diagonally to make 2 Triangles

Cut 4 Squares  3 1/2″

From Light Blue

Cut  1 Square 6 7/8″ – cut in half diagonally to make 2 Triangles

From Dark Blue

Cut 4 Squares  3 1/2″


Using Light Blue and Cream Triangles

Make Half square triangle blocks – using 2 large triangles 1 blue and 1 cream sew Right Sides together. Press seam to the dark side, trim ‘ears’. Make 2 of these.



Using Dark Blue and Cream Squares make a four-Patch Block – make 2 of these



Lay out block using diagram above as a guide. Sew in rows, then join the rows together, nesting seams (one to the right the other to the left to minimize bulk at the points).

Press well. Your block should now measure 12.5″ raw edge to raw edge



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