Free Money at Threads and Patches in May and June 2017


In May and June, every £1 you spend at Threads and Patches will be matched by a special Threads and Patches £

You will collect these on a card given to you in the shop.
When you purchase goods in the shop during May and June 2017, Threads and Patches will give you FREE – Threads and Patches ££££’s

You will get a card and the amount you have spent will be added to the card each visit throughout May and June.

You wil be able to Spend your Free Money at our

Charity Auction on Friday 14th July at 7.30

We shall be auctioning various things including fabrics, kits, samples, classes all sorts.

It will be a fun evening with a few games and a bit of cheese and wine.

We will be charging £5 to attend to cover the food and a donation to charity.

But all the money you have to spend in the auction will have been given by Threads and Patches.

The more you spend in May and June the more you will have to spend at the Auction



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I am a fabriholic. I confess, I just love fabric and stitching. I started sewing so long ago I don't care to remember and opened the shop in August 2001. The shop is stuffed full of fabric, notions, needlecraft kits, threads and most of all inspiration! I have a fantastic staff, including Rowena, Chris, Nicole, Heather,Wendy,Lucy,Jamie and Fiona. Plus numerous talented teachers who teach needlecraft classes in my workshop at the shop.

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