What it is like to work at Threads and Patches

I asked Davina if she was enjoying working at Tand P one day. I was surprised and delighted when she followed up our quick chat with this email and told me to ‘put it on the web’

‘I have worked at Threads and Patches part time for nearly a year now and it is such a lovely place to work. I have enjoyed sewing and needle crafts since a small child, but working at Threads and Patches is like working in a sweet shop, there is such a wide range of items for all needle crafts and hobbies to choose from.

Sally is brilliant to work for and both she and my colleagues are all friendly, helpful and patient in helping me to learn to work in what is a very different role from my previous job of 38 years. We are encouraged to pass on our varying crafting skills in the workshops that are provided to our customers, which is a real joy and new challenge for me.

The best thing is our customers. I enjoy meeting new people and we have many friendly customers who visit us on a regular basis, but it is good to see new faces as well.

The person who is most happy with my new job though, is my husband. He is so pleased to see me going to and coming home from work with a big smile on my face. He’s not so happy however, about all the different projects I have on the go as it is hard to resist the fabrics and patterns we have in the shop.


Many of my customers tell me that one of the best things about the shop is the team that work here, it is their dedication,passion and commitment that gives the shop its heart. I thank them all.