Copywrite and Quilters




At Threads and Patches we are occasionally asked to photocopy patterns or we hear groups of quilters saying ‘ you buy the pattern and then make copies for us all’ . This is why firstly I refuse to copy a pattern that is not ours, and I challenge groups who choose to breech copyright in this way.

Why is this not OK?

Firstly it is breaking the law

below is a link that explains the rules

But the main reason I feel,  you should not copy patterns is not a legal one, it is a moral one.

A quilt designer has spent a long time planning the design, making it, getting the pattern tested, invested money in printing and advertising, spent time persuading shops and distributors to sell her product – all very hard work and sometimes very frustrating. She has invested. Then it is effectively ‘stolen’ by people publishing, copying, sharing etc. She gets nothing back if you do that. So why should she ever bother again? We get our best patterns by designers working to put something great together for us. Don’t ruin it by refusing to support them

Spiky Star Block tutorial

This is a great block, It is a woven star and works well in tone on tone fabrics with a mix of light and dark values for the star. Ensure you have a good contrast with the background fabric.

12″ block – please use a 1/4″ seam allowance throughout.



To construct the block you will need

4 Squares
8 Half square triangles
4 Three Quarter Squares

From Background

A. Cut 4 squares 3 ½” – 4 pieces (Corners)

B. Cut 4 squares 3 7/8” Cut in half on the diagonal to make 8 triangles – 8 pieces (Half square triangles)

From Each of 4 Colour Fabrics For the Star

C. Cut 1 squares 3 7/8” Cut in half to make 2 triangles – 8 pieces (2 of each fabric) (Half Square triangles

D. Cut 1 Square 4 ¼” cut in Half on the diagonal set cut 1 of these in half to make 2 triangles. – 8 pieces (2 of each fabric)

E. Take the spare large triangle and trim to be the same size as the triangles cut from the 3 7/8” squares.  – (1 of each fabric) these can be added to the triangles cut in no 5.


  1. Take the 4 squares of cream cut in  (3) – these are the 4 corners of the block
  2. Take the 8 Cream triangles from (4) and the 8 colour triangles from (5) and pair up Right Sides Together (RST) to make 8 half square triangles. Press to the dark side. These are the points of the star – use photo to position between cream corners.
Make 8 Half square triangles using the background and the 4 fabrics, two of each fabric

3. Following the diagram make ¾ square triangles 2 quarters and one half using 2 small triangles from (D) and one large triangle from (C) . Begin by sewing the two small triangles together RST , press seam to the dark. Then join to the larger triangle – check position in the block – see below.


4. Please be careful in how you lay these out, I suggest that you lay the cut fabrics out as the block image and then pair the small triangles together, lay them back in their positions then add the large triangles, so you create the over and under effect.

5. Join the Units in rows of 4 I usually press the seams to the left om one row and then the right on the next, so I can nest the seams as I stitch the row together.