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Threads and Patches row 2016 'Pigeon's Perch' Home Sweet Home
Threads and Patches row 2016 ‘Pigeon’s Perch’ Home Sweet Home

Our Row is ready!

It shows a lovely London Pigeon in her ‘Home Sweet Home’ Nest on Nelsons column at the feet of the great mans statue. She can see across the skyline of London, with St Pauls¬†Cathedral, The Gerkin , Tower Bridge and the London Eye silouetted against a painted sky. Is it dawn or dusk? You decide, the time on big ben shows 5.30 so it could be either! There is a n embroidered sampler attached to her nest saying – what else? ‘Bless this Nest’. The union flag flies over London and the scene is one of peace above a bustling city.

The Row is part pieced – the column and Nelsons legs. The skyline and pigeon are applique. There is a little embroidery – the sampler and the Cross of Saint Pauls Cathedral. There is some fabric pen drawing – the lettering on Nelsons Column and the clock face of Big Ben.

This is a fun row to do. The pattern will be available free from the shop from the 21st June – 6th September limit of one per customer.
Kits will be available on the same date from the shop priced at £14.99 and includes the pattern and all the fabric and instructions to make the quilt top.

We are really excited to be a part of this truly international event.

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We also have Row by Row License Plates for sale


Join in the fun – come and see us soon!