Wonderful Wonder Clips!

Each of our team have favourite products and fabrics. Julie wanted to share her love of these little gadgets with you –

Do you have a tool in your sewing box that you couldn’t possibly live without? I’m sure everyone does, and I bet they’re all different. Mine are Clover Wonder Clips  – I’ll recommend them to anyone who will listen!

If you’re a quilter, you can use Wonder Clips for what is, I suppose, their original purpose – keeping binding in place while you hand-stitch. That’s why I bought them in the first place – and I seem to have accumulated quite a few over the last few years! I keep a handful in every sewing bag or box.

Now I use Wonder Clips for everything and anything – I find them especially useful for English Paper Piecing : when hand basting, I Wonder Clip one seam around my paper and start basting from the opposite side. It just keeps the paper and fabric secure until I get a couple of stitches in, without needing a pin. Even if I am glue basting , I’ll still use a Wonder Clip to hold my English Paper Pieces together while sewing up seams. They’re just the perfect tool for anything you don’t want to use a pin in – like oilcloth, vinyls, leather, even paper – or anything you can’t easily get a pin into – like thick felt, fun fur, fleece, or even a project like bag-making , which might involve holding several thickly interfaced layers together. I’ve even been known to clip cut fabric pieces to their corresponding pattern pieces, so I don’t lose track of which piece is which in a complicated project!
Can you tell I really think Wonder Clips are the best tool ever?! What tool in your sewing box would you be totally lost without? Send us your thoughts!

Stitcher’s Weekend Retreat – November 2015 Fri 13th – Sun 15th

I am so looking forward to our weekend retreat this year.
We have been going to The Holiday Inn in Milton Keynes  for several years now and they have always looked after us well.One of the great things about this holiday is that there is no single supplement. Everyone gets their own room!
I have lots of plans for this weekend, not least the two quilts – one an applique Baltimore style

and the other a pieced snails trail and stars

Both of these quilts are suitable for beginner patchworkers and the more experienced.
During the weekend I shall also be offering a couple of ‘quick makes’ these are usually7 done as ‘early risers’ ie, those who wish to get up and stitch at 7 am may join me to make something fun – honestly at the moment I have so many ideas for these I cannot decide what to go for, one will probably be a small bag of some sort, just not sure what the other one will be. I have found in the pst that the easiets thing to do for this ios to provide kits, that way i know everyone has everything, they are usually priced at around £4-£5
If you are interested in joining us for this weekend please call the shop on 01908 649687