Workshop Reunion – Beautiful Baltimore


Debbies Beautiful Baltimore

this week we held a Reunion for our customers who had attended classes and wished to bring in their completed quilts to show, there was also the added inducement of cake!

We had a fantastic afternoon looking at some amazing work. The Beautiful Baltimore Quilts were stunning

Debbies (above) had a peacock theme. Each feather was embellished with beads. Debbie has only been quilting a short time, this is her second Quilt!

Bevs Beautiful Baltimore


Had an elephants theme. The ribbon border on all the quilts looks great!


Carols Quilt was stunning with lovely autumnal details, Carol was a complete beginner, she had never quilted before!. All of these quilts were based on the same pattern, I was so thrilled that the students adapted the design to fit with their own fabrics and style. It meant they created a truely unique and personal Quilt.

Well done all!

If you are interested in taking this class please check out our workshops or call the shop on 01908 649687

We would love to help you create a gorgeous quilt


Free Quilt Blocks from Threads and Patches

Customer_sampler_1           Customer_Sampler_2014_SB

Over the last few years Sally has run a ‘Saturday Sampler’ Quilt course, these were usually her own designs and were made block by block into quilts over the year. As many of these designs have been very successful Threads and Patches has decided to share them here, so starting in the next week you will be able to access and download the patterns for the blocks for Sallys’ 2014 Saturday Sampler . this was originally constructed in burgundy and grey fabrics but would work well in any complimentary colours, or even as a scrappy quilt.



Customer_Sampler_2014_PB       Customer_Sampler_2014_AP

You can see from the examples of quilts made by our customers with the same fabrics how diverse they can look

Over the next few weeks I shall be adding the instructions for these blocks  to this blog, you will be able to download them  and follow them at your own pace.

I used 6 different burgundy fabrics and 5 or 6 different pale grey fabrics, plus I needed burgundy embroidery thread and grey embroidery thread.  Many of our customers embellished their quilts with beads and buttons . There is some embroidery on some of the designs but many of the participants enjoyed adding extra embroidery throughout the quilt.

I would love to see what you make so please email me your work at and I shall incorporate as many as I can in to the blog posts.

Follow our blog to make sure you don’t miss any of the blocks. I look forward to creating a fun quilt along side you.