Superscrapi-Fabriholic-Expialidocious Quilt Fri 5th January 10.30 - 4.30pm

Ref: WS050120181

Requirements for Super-Scrapi-Fabriholic- Expialidoscious
All your scraps - unsorted
Rotary cutter - fresh blade, ruler long and a 6/5" square is useful, mat
Piece of cardboard 4.5" square
Old bobbins of thread plus usual piecing thread - you can use up thread ojn this one!
Largish pieces of wadding - start with a mettre but you will need more to make it grow

Old blocks, part made samples, quilts you do not plan on finishing or using for anything else

Sense of humour and the ability to forget all the patchwork rules you have ever learned"