Beginners Sampler Quilt Course Starts Mon 19th March 10.30 - 1.00pm

Ref: BS19032018

Sampler Quilt Requirements

It is difficult to dictate exactly what you will need for this quilt, your use of fabric in the different blocks will determine that some fabrics get used more than others.

Here are a few guidelines
1. do make sure that some of your fabrics are repeatable (ie you can get more if you need to)
2. All fabric to be 100% dress weight cotton pre - washed and ironed
3. That you have a range of tone - light, medium and dark.
4. You must 'Like' your fabrics - you will be working on this for several months.
5. That your fabrics 'link' in some way.

This is a list of what you might start with - it should not limit you, this is the fabric to do the blocks - it is not the fabric for the ' sashing' (in between the blocks) or the 'border' )all around the blocks). Although you may find you want more of one or two of these choices to use in the sashing and /or border.

A. ,Approx 5 or 6 fabrics 0.5m of each. They should link together in some way. A good way of doing this is finding a fabric you really like (pref. with 2, 3 or 4 colours in it), and use that as a guide when choosing the others.
B. You will also need 1m of a 'background fabric', this will be used in several of the blocks as a backing for designed applied to it.
C. Rotary cutting kit - board, ruler (24.5 x 6.5) rotary cutter. You may later on want a square ruler for 'squaring up your blocks.
D. Template plastic and fine permanent marker (eg a Sharpie)
E. Sewing machine in good working order, with 1/4" patchwork foot, walking foot and darning foot.
F. Metal Hexagon Window template - you will need this on week 1
G 0.5 M Freezer Paper - you will need this for session 1
H. General Sewing Kit - hand sewing needles, thimble if you use one,
I . Sharp lead pencil or propelling pencil
J. Paper Scissors
K. Threads to match your fabrics

Later on you wil need
1M Framing Fabric
4.5M Sashing and border Fabric
0.75 x 2 Fabrics for border squares
5.5M backing fabric
4.5 M Cotton wadding
Fabric marking pens/pencils,
Quilting thread