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Toy Stuffing

Toy Filling / Stuffing

100% Hi Loft polyester toy filling, High Bulk Washable. Economical. Conforms to British Standard Regulation No 5665.

I have used this stuffing in numerous projects and it works very well. There is an art to stuffing something really well, getting a smooth curve or edge to an item can make all the difference to how your project turns out. This stuffing is very soft and malleable but high loft so will settle to fill spaces well., can be used as a light 'stuffer', or a dense 'packer'.

If you want to get the best result for your project try this toy filling!

250g Toy Filling

250g Toy Filling

Minicraft Supersoft Toy filling.

Safe, Hygenic, Washable.

100% High Loft Polyester
Conforms to BS1425, BS5852, EN71

Made in the UK

Price: 4.10 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: MTFA2