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Sizzix for Patchwork and Quilting

Perfect Patchwork with the Sizzix Big Shot
Making a patchwork quilt is a creative challenge, there are the issues of which fabric to choose, the layout, colour, choice of blocks and construction methods. Then once the quilt top is made how to quilt or embellish the piece. It is the fantastic twists of small decisions that quilters make about their patchwork as they create, that gives the spectacular range and stunning results that we see when we lokk at all the different quilts produced.. One area of patchwork that all quilters know is that accuracy is important, not just important, itr can make the difference between having a great sewing experience and a really bad one!.

Rotary cutting revolutionised patchwork (no pun intended!). It made possible to repeatedly cut accurate shapes, several layers at a time, far more accurately than with scissors. Since its introduction patchwork and quilting has evolved. You can now (with the right tools and pattern) cut anhd sew a quilt top in a day and it can be beautifully and accurately pieced - but not only that, it can look like it has taken you months!

The Sizzix Big Shot is another step forward, while not replacing your mat, rotary cutter and ruler, What the Big Shot does is take the benefits of speed and accuracy to a whole new level. Some of its important advantages are:

* It can cut up to 8 layers of patchwork weight fabric at a time.

* As all the patches are cut from the same die they will be accurate to an even greater degree than cutting with a rotary cutter.

* No chance of slipping or mis-reading the ruler and making the wrong cut.

* It cuts patch shapes that are difficult if not impossible with a rotary cutter like the apple core patch, or accurate circles

* It cuts intricate shapes such as flowers, stars and animals which opens up a whole world of possiblilties for fusible applique.

* For lovers of English Paper Piecing the hexagon dies can be used to cut the fabric and the papers to sew around perfectly every time.

Not only all of the above but it is fun to use! We know Quilters, don't just quilt, this gadget is also ideal for card makers, the limit of use of the dies is only your imagination